Be a @KitaConnect Champion!

@KitaConnect Champions are young people who lead, moderate, and facilitate @KitaConnect sessions online, including on the @KitaConnect Discord server. They are an integral part of the program, engaging with and encouraging their peers to step outside their comfort zones, tackle issues head-on, and have fun all the while!

The Champion Journey

Champions receive continuous support throughout their time with KitaConnect. Here’s what their journey looks like!

A graphic roadmap on the steps to become a KitaConnect Champion.First, onboarding briefing. Then, two-facilitator training, two pre-facilitating check-ins, and pre-event dry run. Finally, session facilitation.

Interested in being a @KitaConnect Champion?

Send an email to [email protected] to sign up and learn more! You can also head over to our Discord server to see them in action, as well as to join the wider @KitaConnect community!

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