Young People's Voice in Collective Decision Making - A Roundtable Discussion

On the 9th November 2023, young people aged 15-25 from different walks of life join leading professionals to discuss how to make decisions that reflect strengths and realities:
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YPV Roundtable key takeaways

Bridging the Gap: Inter-generational Perspectives on Decision Making

2 youths and 2 adults come together into a moderated discussion to share their experiences in empowering youth voices on decision-making process. The panel discussion will delve into improving intergenerational communication and collaboration in decision-making while also sharing successful strategies for engaging youth and exploring the factors contributing to their success.

Empowering Youth Voices: Shaping Today, Impacting Tomorrow

Dr Diyana Kasimon, an experienced and passionate media and communication educator and trainer, shared insights and dived into the significance of young people's voices in collective decisions and successful case studies showcasing collaborations between young people and adults.

Read up on the discussion findings in the full report!

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