In the final episode of KitaConnect’s Self-Management Tools IG Live series, young people are walked through a few helpful strategies to stay focused and overcome procrastination.


Setting goals helps us organize our time and resources so that we can make the most of our life. Episode 3 of the KitaConnect’s Self-Management Tools IG Live series dives into some tips on mapping out our goals, and how to organise our thinking around them.

Time management

Prioritising how to focus can sometimes feel like a lot. In Episode 2 of the KitaConnect’s Self-Management Tools IG Live series, young people can get some fun and easy tips on how to manage our time, and determine priorities using relevant time management techniques.

Where does my time go?

Time management is key to helping us complete more in less time. The KitaConnect’s Self-Management Tools IG Live series, Episode 1 ‘Where does my time go?’, featuring KitaConnect Champion, Felicia, invites young people to recognise the importance of time.


This online workshop is all about cultivating a sense of purpose and setting goals that align with your core values.


This workshop takes participants on a journey of self-discovery to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to better manage their life.

Decision-making 101

In the decision-making workshop, participants are empowered to demonstrate a sense of responsibility and make active decisions for themselves in all facets of their lives.

Debate Like A Champ! Government #1: Climate change threatens the future generation

Arianna, 17, told us how school strikes can be an effective way for young people to participate in expressing their ideas and concerns on law reforms to address climate issues.

Debate Like A Champ! Government #2: Children have a right to their future

Adam, 17, believes children rightly have a sense of urgency and should have a voice on issues such as climate change that matter to their generation.

Debate Like A Champ! Opposition #1: Adults have abdicated climate responsibility

While climate activism among young people at the grassroots level is important, Caelystar, 17, demanded adults to step up in protecting children and young people from climate crisis.

Debate Like A Champ! Opposition #2: Society has to protect the children from tangible harm

According to Victor, 17, young people who participate in school strike movements are at high risk of being negatively misrepresented in media coverage which will invite more backlash toward young activists and reduce the impact of the movement.

The art of journaling

Art journaling can help young people to self-reflect effectively and gain insights into the major areas of lives through creative expressions. Here are some key tips and ways to start your journaling journey.

Managing emotions and stress

This youth-led workshop trains us to better manage our feelings through interactive activities and reflection

Unity Chat with Farah Ann

In conjunction with the Merdeka month, @KitaConnect organised a youth-moderated discussion with Farah Ann to discover more about her career journey and what it takes to represent Malaysia on an international stage.

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