Takeaways from @KitaConnect Mental Health Month 2021

In these trying times, it's important to take care of your mental health and to get in touch with your emotions. Here are some takeaways from Mental Health Awareness month in October 2021 organised by @KitaConnect with young people and mental health experts.

Mental health help is just a call (or click) away

Here's a list of helplines that you can contact if you need any assistance or information. Stay safe and healthy!


In the final episode of KitaConnect’s Self-Management Tools IG Live series, young people are walked through a few helpful strategies to stay focused and overcome procrastination.

Youth Chat: Support in schools

In conjunction with mental health month, a Youth Chat was held to enable an open discussion for young people from all across Malaysia to talk about the mental health support they would like to have in their learning environment.

#OnMyMind IG Live session 1: Breaking the silence

Dr. Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin from Universiti Malaya Cares seeks to clear up the misconceptions of mental health. He also dives into why we have feelings and emotions, and how do we support ourselves and others.

#OnMyMind IG Live session 2: It’s OK to be not OK

Do you know that it is totally fine and normal to feel emotional? The best way to stay mentally fit is by embracing our feelings, but how?

Managing emotions and stress

This youth-led workshop trains us to better manage our feelings through interactive activities and reflection

#OnMyMind IG Live session 3: Adapting to changing times

Dr. Aida Syarinaz Ahmad Adlan, from Universiti Malaya, and @KitaConnect Champion, Felicia, explored key questions around adapting to changes in our life, and embracing these feelings even if they make us feel uncomfortable.

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